Month – April 2015

Sasha ? The Sporty Cheerleader

One of the original four Bratz dolls that MGA Entertainment introduced in May 2001 during its launch is Sasha.  The design followed by this character is still a teenage fashion doll that has been marketed with fashionable clothing and accessory sets.  Sasha is also known by her nickname, Bunny Boo.  Her hair was designed to […]

Nike Footwear for a Sporty Feel

Footwear should always be chosen keeping comfort and relaxation of the feet in mind. Poor quality shoes might be comfortable in the beginning, but soon tear off the feet muscles due to their disproportionate design, which can be injurious. Therefore, one should always buy footwear that not only looks cool, but gives a complete support […]

Punch Press Machine

A punch press is a machine used to change the shape of metal, specifically to form and to cut it. Usually, a piece of metal is passed through the punch press. The machine clamps down on the metal and cuts or forms it to a predetermined shape. In some cases, the punch press may cut […]

Best Electric Sports Cars

Best Electric Sports Cars. . . . . . Electric Cars 2015 List — Prices, Efficiency, Range, Pics, + Feb 16, 2014 – It was the 16th-best-selling electric… Dr. Don Panoz and Al Speyer talk about the Panoz sports cars and the future of the DeltaWing road cars on Fox Car Report. Learn more […]