Month – May 2015

Vinyl Cladding ? The Sporty Choice

One of the most popular forms of external cladding has been vinyl cladding. External cladding forms an important part of buildings in protecting the exteriors, and in prolonging their durability and longevity by taking the brunt of external forces that may act adversely on the walls. While most forms of external cladding are meant for […]

The Laser Welding Machine

Welding is a technique used in many industries to join two metal bodies. The metal pieces which being joined with using this technique can be of similar type or dissimilar type. Thus we can successively join two different type metal parts together to form a new product. For doing this technique it needs a machine […]

Embroidery Machine Market In Surat

Surat is nowadays becoming most developed city of Gujarat. It is well known for real diamonds, and fabric. It offers wide range of cloth and diamond at economic range. Real estate industry is also blooming in Surat. The fabric marketplace in Surat is well-known as possessing the most excellent embroidered commodities of silk and brocade. […]

Edge Banding Machine

Edge banding is commonly used in home decorating. It is a veneer product comprised of strips of covering and sold in rolls. An extrusion manufacturing process allows edge banding to be made in different widths and thicknesses to match any project, whether it is solid, wood grain, metallic, or patterned. Therefore, rolls of edge banding […]

Pipes Known Simple Machine

Pipes are very old product used in many different types of activities, but most of the pipes are used in the contrition types of works. Pipes are also known as the simple machines in the definitions of physics because it may be used in the work which are simpler but have a significance importance on […]

Arcade Boxing Machine

Punch drunk Booking an Arcade Boxing Machine for your pub isnt such a bad idea. Think violence would flair if you installed an Arcade Boxing Machine in licensed premises? Most rational people would. Plonk an Arcade Boxing Machine in front of a large group of blokes drinking beer, surrounded by girls, and youd think itd […]