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Scorching summer sun burning burn the earth, and outdoor people to sweat, and in the lack of air-conditioned interior is extremely cool. This time for people to drive even more can not stand the heat inside the car, car air-conditioning running up quickly. But the car without a good air conditioning, then this summer, we take the “lit” up. Therefore, to do inspections and air conditioning Service , Clear refreshing cool summer, and vehicle owners are imperative choice. The most common automobile air conditioning system refrigerant leak and cooling faults is poor, and refrigerant filling machine is a necessary equipment, so Market Refrigerant filling the needs of the growing machine. In this Xiaobian offers several refrigerant filling machine:

Car Grand Scholar AC590Pro filling refrigerant recycling machine
Features: Powerful, two-stage Vacuum pump To ensure that the air conditioning can be achieved quickly and efficiently vacuum

University of air-conditioning system can provide accurate diagnostic software professional services
Use in the vehicle can still ensure the accuracy and speed of service
Complete scalable database contains more than 3900 kinds of air-conditioning system information, which can meet the needs of various vehicle

Manual and automatic modes of operation can be chosen at random
Comprehensive air-conditioning system stress test Optional printer to provide a detailed list of operation
Unique air-conditioning system diagnostic device Car Grand Scholar ACM3000 filling refrigerant recycling machine
Car Grand Scholar ACM3000 filling refrigerant recycling machine
Features: Automatically discharge the old refrigeration oil
Vacuum time can be set Auto Air Conditioning Leak Test Automatically prompt maintenance projects Intelligent key can be time data transmission and database upgrades

As of science and technology Developing Now the market a wide variety of refrigerant filling machine, how to choose a number of brands of equipment for their own is a lot of people headaches. Here, Xiao Bian to buy you some simple ways:

(1) a single system, single-purpose filling refrigerant recycling equipment: As the price of these products cheaper, more varieties of a single refrigerant services, are on the market in the low-end low-end products. The application of such equipment is mainly a variety of small repair shop and air-conditioning system maintenance point.

(2) single-system multi-refrigerant recycling filling equipment: This product uses the special system, can serve a variety of refrigerant, are in the market, the high-end products. Refrigerant due to its variety of services are more suited to the particular service vehicles refrigerant repair plant species more promiscuous, such recovery can be described as a machine filling equipment with an affordable price.

(3) multi-system (dual system) Multi-purpose (dual use) refrigerant recycling filling equipment: This product actually is more than one (two) single system, single-purpose recycling filling equipment into one device . Excellent performance of such product integration, easy operation, suitable for all kinds of large-scale repair works and targeted stronger 3S, 4S station.

(4) Automobile Air Conditioning automobile production line and production line dedicated filling refrigerant recycling equipment. Such equipment is mainly aimed at the working strength, using reproducible measurement of high precision production line manufacturing. Components of such equipment on a relatively high durability requirements, and in order to meet the needs of rapid filling, usually additional pressure filling and other auxiliary functions. And other types of recycling filling machine than targeted, the price slightly higher.

(5) the bus, private minibus filling refrigerant recycling equipment. Such devices are in the high-end products, mainly for the bus, minibus recycling, filling in large quantities, but the filling is not very high precision the situation developed. Additional pressure on the major filling of such equipment and other auxiliary functions.

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