Features to look out for in Sporty Glasses

Sporty glasses provide an upper hand to the athletes and the sports person at all the levels.

Irrespective of whether you are an amateur player or highly skilled and a professional player, it is for those who are always on the lookout for improving their performances in the sports they enjoy to play. The selection of your eyeglasses should totally depend on the type of sports that you need it for as they are available in variety of styles, shapes and sizes. . Given below are some of the features of the sporty glasses that you must consider.

Lenses: Lenses of your sporty glasses should be made of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate being an impact resistant lens material, it provides the desired protection to the eyes from the fast moving objects. Polycarbonate lenses give highest optical quality and a vision that is absolutely distortion free. In addition to this, polycarbonate lenses also provide total protection from the harmful ultra violet rays- a feature which is most required for the outdoor sports.

Frames: Your sporty glasses must have the possibility of different frame adjustments. This ensures a tailor-made fit for your eyeglasses. Even when you are totally wet in sweat, it ensures that there is no slipping of the frame.

Design: While selecting the sporty glasses, look out for the wraparound design eyeglasses. They protect your eyes from wind, dust, insects and other pollutants while playing any of the outdoor sport.

Nose pads: Your sporty glasses must have the padded nose pads the ones that come with rubber padding, providing cushions to the frame, at the point that comes in contact with the nose and the head area.

Coatings: Generally the polycarbonate lenses that are used in the sporty glasses, develops scratches when left untreated. It is therefore recommended to coat your eyeglasses in anti-scratch coatings.

Another important coating which is highly recommended for the sporty glasses is anti-glare coating. This is important because, unwanted glares are the major source of distraction while playing any outdoor sports. It limits your sports playing ability. It is therefore important to have anti-glare coatings on your eyeglasses and increase your vision and performances during any outdoor sports.

Color of the tint: The selection of the tint color for your sporty glasses is more of an individual choice. Though there are some specific colors of the tint which provides added benefits in certain environments and tasks. A neutral grey tint is the best option for those who desire utmost precision in color perception. However, there are many athletes who desire to have color enhancement feature for various sports specific activities such as seeing ball against the sky and so on. Copper and brown colored tints are perfect to augment this contrast feature.

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