impact crusher machine


Sand production line, impact crusher is the third procedure, through the jaw crusher big stores are, to the crusher in again after broken into customer needs 20 ~ 60mm particles. Impact Crusher is a machine using impact energy to break. To ensure the crusher, and better in the sand in the production line in continuous operation, extending the life of Impact Crusher, the user should Crusher regular maintenance and care. In the new machines put into operation, the class must fight back when the work is completed a comprehensive examination of breaking. Counterattack after a week break to run the motor, lubrication conduct a comprehensive inspection. Check the contents of the situation, including fixed parts of the fastening, belt drive, bearings seals, counter-liner, liner wear full-up position of the inspection, maintenance cycle, combined with the establishment of regular maintenance and replacement system. Crusher’s rotor and counter-liner gap adjustment: When the Track Mounted Crusher run, the rotor and counter space between the liner can not be adjusted. Such as the materials into blocks stuck in between the counter plate and shell, it is proposed to re-adjust a bit up counter space between the frame, such as feed blocks will become loose, easy to adjust the frame counter. If the counter-frame are inadequate and can relax in the bar, on tap (with a piece of wood protection), rotor and counter-liner clearance adjusting device from the machine to complete the first set of loose bolts, and then turn a long nut, this upward direction of movement when the rod will adjust the set screw fastening Fortunately, the.

Crusher replacement of wearing parts:

Crusher replacement of wearing parts, the first opened shelves. Use, the first box after the connection was added with the bolt removed, and then use wrench to the hexagonal head part of the clamshell device, and then slowly open shelves. In the meantime, can use the top rack after rack hanging device Diaozhu. Repeat the above process, that is after closing the shelves. Crusher’s board hammer: hammer counter broken board should wear to a certain degree of adjustment or replacement in time to avoid damage to fasteners and other components.

Crusher lining: opened shelters, removal of the fixed counter Liner opening pin, slotted nut, bolt, can be worn to counter the liner replaced. Such as the installation of new counter-liner, reverse the above steps immediately.

Impact Crusher how high bearing temperature:

1. Grease excessive or inadequate: Check whether the excess grease

2. Grease stains: a clear change after bearing grease

3. Bearing Damage: Complete Crushing Plant in the system Sand production line played a key step in the use of the process, we must promptly maintenance and repair, the problem nipped in the bud, not runs the risk, take the lead to loss of even more serious, Que Bao Zheng Chang stable system of sand production line state. I am an export company e-commerce department staff responsible for website design work, like to make friends, please bear with the heat of my article



Sand production line, impact crusher is the

third procedure, through the jaw crusher big stores are, to the crusher in again after

broken into customer needs 20 ~ 60mm particles. Impact Crusher is a machine using impact

energy to break.


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