Melitta Espresso Machine

Coffee drinking has become a passion now. More than drinking what people really savour is coffee making and there is no better way to prepare coffee than with the help of espresso machines. If you are really looking for a petite but functional coffee machine that does not take up a large portion of your counter space, then the Melitta expresso machine is the perfect choice for you.

It is always a tough decision to pick up a coffee maker. Apart from the substantial investment required by it, you also need to see that your coffee machine possesses all the features and functions that you desire. After you are aware of your own needs in a coffee machine, you can proceed further to pick one from the plethora available in the market.

The speciality of a Melitta expresso machine is that it is easy to use and also requires a less amount of glass carafe. Four coffee cups can be prepared by only including a small amount of glass carafe in the machine. This machine is a specialised machine and you can easily push the knob to regulate the brewing process if you are involved in some other activity while coffee brewing. For those who like their coffee strong, this machine also has a 3.5 pressure pump brew power selector feature. This machine is an ideal option for those who have a penchant for keeping coffee machine clean after coffee preparation. The machine is fitted with a removable drip tray that can be used for cleaning the frother after making coffee. One can also use the special feature of this coffee machine for preparing that nice cappuccino cup with loads of lather with the frothing wand. This expresso machine is available in sleek black models and look amazing on the kitchen counter top.

Melitta has been in the coffee making business for a long time now since the company was incepted in the year 1908. This company is now in its 100th year of producing coffee machines for the world and the expertise it owns in coffee machines is simply unprecedented. Melitta was responsible for giving the first coffee maker to the world called the Melitta 120 Filter Coffee Maker which could produce 8 cups of coffee in sixminutes. It now produces a wide range of products under its coterie like Melitta Caffeo coffee makers, Melitta Stage coffee makers, Melitta Aromaboy coffee makers, Melitta Cafe Fun coffee makers, Melitta Look coffee makers, Melitta Optima coffee makers and Melitta AromaMagic coffee makers.

Melitta is undoubtedly one of the best coffee machine companies in the world. One of the most amazing features found in its coffee machines is the bean select feature that allows you to prepare a great coffee with two different varieties of coffee beans. It is so simple to prepare this kind of a coffee and you can switch between both the coffee versions with the click of a button. You can even prepare coffee with pre- ground coffee rather than making use of beans.

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