Mini Cooper S: The Safest And Most Controllable Sporty Ever

Mini Cooper S: The Safest And Most Controllable Sporty Ever
Sporty means agility. Agility must be everywhere of the sport cars. From operation to its performance agility is the core sense of a sport car. The briskness of the acceleration and the swiftness of the steering in the Mini Cooper S makes it agile in every sense. Yes the fastest in every sense Mini is perfect sporty by its operating systems and its performance. You can rock yourself with just a push of button. You will be changing every behind the scene tech features built in it. With a blink of your eyes you are on the rocking sporty mood of driving.
The sporty gets more thrilling driving when there is automatic gear transmission on it. Mini Cooper S has got a Automatic gear transmission system to ensure the exhilarating driving of a sporty car. This mini coopers extreme dynamic gear system provide more quicker gear shift than ever and the the gear gap is minimum than ever. To beat the all kinds of brutality of roads its suspension is pretty much efficient. The standard technology for the such fun making suspension is front and rear anti sways bar.
As its a sporty, standard must have feature is a tightly handling front wheel driving with a full extent of control on handling. The Mini Cooper S is offering the best way sporty suspensions of front wheel drive handling. The intimacy with the track is very high level by the credit of its multi link rear suspensions. This is to give you a smooth and soothing riding experience of mini sporty. As Mini cooper S has core relationship with the roads by its every corner. Simply expressing, Mini cooper S gives a sensational driving experience to the real sporty lovers.
If you are for a sporty vehicle that can sense you move and support you from unwanted moves and incident, Mini copper S is the one can do its best. It has a super intelligent system of dynamic stability control. The unwanted movement is protected by automatic calculated break force and the right amount of the torque on the each individual wheels. Dynamic stability control system of Mini Cooper s has a precise calculation ability of direction you want to go. It does so by sensing and calculating the lateral acceleration, yaw and the steering angle. All these tech features are aimed to announce the silent war against loos of vehicle control. Thus Mini cooper s has least amount of accident record.

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