Most Profitable Online Products – Review of Internet Money Machine

The Money Is In the List – The List Of Profitable Online Markets That Is!

New marketers everywhere rejoice. We can finally quit asking the same old question, “How do I know if a market is profitable?”

I dont know about everyone else, but I am pretty wore out when it comes to research new markets and niches, only to realize that that the one’s I choose dont make a dime. Obviously I get some of them right, but as they say, “Even a broke clock is right twice a day”.

Ewen Chia’s newest information product, “Internet Money Machine” finally offer’s a simple, list of the 100 most profitable online markets. So I figured I would write this review as soon as finished reading it. It offers 2 other modules:

A Full Set Of Step By Step Video’s – Its the basic ‘How-To’ for setting up a profitable business
The transcripts for the video series – Same as the Video’s
The List Of Profitable Online Markets

I will go over the video’s before I get to the list of most profitable online markets.

What The Video’s Are All About

If you know Ewen Chia, you know that He love’s to lay out, step by step. Well, these video’s are the same as usual, only better because you can watch, without having to read.

The 1st module comes with 7 videos. Layed out quite nicely. They basically go over Niche research techniques, like:

How to know which customers are buyers
Where to find money makers
How to set up your Internet Business model
Where to get the right content for your business
Where to promote your products for optimum conversions
3 FREE Methods for creating Targeted Money Spending Traffic
How To Set Up Your Business So It Practically Runs Itself.

The first thing I want to say is, if you are new to the Internet Marketing game, this will be a great place for you to start. Ewen’s methods are really the basic starting blocks and foundations for getting your business off of the ground.

As someone who already knows what the tactics and methods described in the Internet Money Machine product, I can tell you that new marketers will be shocked at how simple it the program is. What Ewen shows you is the basic traffic strategies that ALL marketers use, no matter how long they have been marketing.

One of the first traffic methods layed out is article marketing. Personally, I never knew about that until I bought Ewen’s older product, “Newbie Cash Machine”. I will always be thankful for that. But what I suggest is, is that you really pay attention to the way its layed out. When Ewen tell’s you how important Article marketing is, believe it. You see, he doesnt give the whole story, so I will make sure you know why:

Articles will give you expert status
They will give you backlinks for your blogs and websites (important)
They will provide targeted traffic
They are a chance for you to presell your product

Also, make sure you write many articles. That point is kind of left out. But it will be a major benefit for you in the future. Ewen goes over some techniques for spotting markets and customers that will spend money. Basically he shows the viewer where to look for profitable markets. How to check if there is enough traffic.

And Ewen shows you how to know if people are spending money on certain products , by checking out the number of Ad’s being placed on the search pages. (real simple, but effective) And if you dont know about these strategies, than you will gain alot.

Overall, all the basics are well covered. It will take some practice on your part to really ‘understand’ the WHY and the How of these methods.

Now, on to the List Of Profitable Online Markets

O.K. This list is the only reason I purchased this product. I have been doing Internet marketing for a little while, but not long enough to pass up on this.

First of all, this ‘list’ , is 65 PAGES! Way too many for me. But I think that Ewen really wanted this to be his main selling point for the product. So he goes into complete detail of every market on the list.

Here is the info provided for the markets on the ‘Profitable Online Markets’ List:

Each of the market’s profile includes:
A consumer profile, tells you what your potential buyers look like
What their main problems are…which pretty much hands you what they’ll buy on a silver platter
Product recommendations, so you’ll have a good idea of what kinds of products (and in which formats) are most likely to appeal to this market

This 65-pagemanual lets you skip the head scratching most people get stuck in. You’ll know exactly who to sell to, and what to offer the consumers in each market.

So to be honest, the List was exactly what I was looking for. It was thorough, and it covers some markets that I would have never even considered. And that is all I wanted.

As for the first part of this product, I have to say that Ewen could explain the finer points of the “Internet Money Machine”. I mean, its definitely where you would want to start. But new marketers need to know how to exploit the techniques a little better. My advice to anyone that is new, would be to really study how each of the components work’s in relation to the over all marketing plan.

I will say this though, with the list of the 100 most profitable markets, you will have more time to spend on perfecting the traffic and marketing strategies layed out int the first module.

My recommendation is that the overall product is about an 8 – But the list is worth every penny.

Check it out for yourself, Profitable Online Markets