Oakley Sunglasses – Sporty and Stylish

The Oakley brand implies the very best of sporty style coupled with high performance! What makes Oakley sunglasses different from ordinary designer sunglasses is the use of technology such as Plutonite and Iridium lens coating to enhance clarity and vision, which is critical during sports. The black iridium lens coating cuts down glare. Certain pairs of Oakley sunglasses even have a hydrophobic lens coating that repels dust and smudges. Some truly ‘sporty’ finds include the following – • Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses are designed for performance sports and feature urbane designs. The Oakley Livestrong Flak Jacket XLJ is designed for cyclists. With its stylish wrap fit and yellow detailing on the temples, the Oakley Livestrong Flak Jacket XLJ proves to be a heady combination of functionality and sporty style!

• The Oakley Square Whisker for men is a masterpiece in comfort and performance. Its sleek, classy design with a snug fit ensures that you get the best of both style and comfort!

• The Women’s Commit SQ from Oakley has all it takes to be a pair of designer sunglasses with high performance and durability! These wraparound sunglasses have a glossy frame that comes in several colors. The curvaceous frame features a logo detail on the temples.

• The Oakley Probation offers unbeatable clarity and is exceptionally styled as well. Its temple arms are straight, thus eliminating pressure points behind the ears. These sunglasses with iridium lens coating are designed to balance light transmission and give enhanced clarity to the user.

• The Oakley Bottlecap XL is designed keeping in mind function and fashion. These men’s sunglasses have a wraparound frame and are one of Oakley’s polarized sunglasses. Unique contouring and a lightweight O-Matter plastic frame ensure a comfortable fit every time.

Oakley eyewear has had many breakthroughs in eyewear technology. So, if you’re in search for superior eyewear performance, choose Oakley! This brand delivers the goods anytime! Visit Best Buy Eyeglasses, a marvelous online store, to get your very own pair of Oakley sunglasses!