Optic Nerve Sunglasses ? Truly Sporty

When the sun stares down at us, it becomes very difficult to focus view on something due to heat and bright light. Sunglasses are not just style symbol; rather they help people protect their eyes from the harmful sun rays. Beautician’s recommends people to wear sunglasses while walking under bright sunlight to avoid dark circles and ageing.

However, sunglasses are more than that and that too if it is Optic nerve sunglasses. These sunglasses are basically designed for people who love sports and adventure. These people generally spend much of their time in the sun and hence having optic nerve sunglasses for them is must. This is one classy eyewear, which not only protects the eyes of the person from dangerous ultra violet rays, but also exhibits a trendy look.

Optic Nerve sunglasses are commendable, the product of the company exceed beyond the normal governmental rules that are mandatory for product manufacturing. The sunglasses made under the Optic Nerve brand name are completely ultra violet resistant. The frames of these sunglasses are flexible yet sturdy in nature. They are made of resilient nylon material, which gives the frame stretching ability.

The pair of optic nerve sunglasses comes along with four pair of lenses in four different shades. Since the frames of these sunglasses are flexible, it gives the user the freedom to change lenses. As the frames are twisted the lenses pops out, making the space available for other lens to fit in. All these four lenses, due to their shades, allow different percentage of light transmission.

The other scoring point about optic nerve sunglasses is that the lenses of these sunglasses are ventilated and hence it allows air to circulate between eye and the lens thus giving them full protection and comfort and controls fogging. The lenses are also compatible with focal point technology, which removes distortion.

Since these sunglasses are good investment in terms of style, protection, and durability, it is good for people who are too much in sports and adventure, to cover their eyes under these shades.

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