Sanding Machine

Modern day sanding machine is the most modern evolution of sanders. The machine satisfies all sanding performances of the different mouldings manufacturers gathered in long decades of activity. Due to the complete range of sanding aggregates (belts, wheels or brushes) the machine guarantees to obtain the required sanding quality level on furniture and kitchen mouldings, picture frames mouldings, doors and windows components as well as on general interior profiles.

Advantages and the performance of the sanding machine

Due to a large number of operating units, the machine comes along with configurations that meet the requirements of each single customer.

Its modular structure allows enlarging and adapting the machine to new customer’s needs even after years since the purchase.

The machine is equipped with a large series of accessories that guarantee reduced set-up times.

The disposal of preconfigured versions according to the typical customer’s needs facilitate the customers’ choice.

The machine is designed and produced by applying the Lean philosophy in order to guaranty very fast delivery terms

It is possible to install an exclusive (patented) automatic panels safety system to increase the machine’s safety (according to the most restrictive CE regulations interpretations).

The machine is drawn up for the integration into highly sophisticated automatic finishing lines for mouldings.

The machine is fitted with the most modern and intuitive automatic control systems for extremely easy and reliable use, even for less experienced operators.

The large access to all mechanical parts guarantees quick and safe cleaning and easy servicing.

After we finishing sander and is ready for the next step called as the stain and sealer, the door should have the following things done to it by the finishing sander. Broken all the sharp edges around the edges of the door and removed fibers from the surface of the door and from the profile.

This will make the sanding of the door even and the door will come out with even stain color and a good sealer coat on the edge of the door.

Sealer sanding with an automatic finishing sanding machine is easy as long as the edge is broken in the white wood when the door was finish sanded, if the edge is not sanded in.
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