Sirona’s CEREC Machine Takes the Hassle out of Getting a Crown

Most people dislike going to the dentist – there are even those who flat out loathe it – and that’s just talking about your regular cleaning and checkup appointments.  When you introduce drilling and crowns into the mix, it’s not hard to imagine why certain individuals get so scared that they either put it off for far longer than they should or simply avoid going in to see their San Antonio dentist altogether.

One must make multiple painful and often aggravating trips to the dentist in order to undergo a procedure involving a crown, right?  Well, no, not necessarily.  Thanks to modern dentistry procedures such as those that use CEREC, getting your teeth drilled and having a permanent crown fitted can be accomplished in just one visit.  The tech that makes this possible allows for a crown to be produced on the spot rather than by a technician in some far off lab.  This is a major breakthrough compared to the old way of chipping away the problem tooth and fitting a temp crown in one visit and then requiring a patient to return for another appointment sometime later for the permanent crown to be fitted.

Cutting edge CEREC machines from German company Sirona can set back a San Antonio dental office in the neighborhood of $ 200,000.  Not exactly chump change, but the systems are expected to bring plenty of people through their owners’ doors that are eager to knock out the crown process in one visit.

Those who have experienced dental problems in the past are likely to be familiar with the process of dental molding and dental crowns. The CERC machine provides a better option for patients. As opposed to making patients chomp down on that nasty molding material, CEREC takes a scan of the tooth/teeth in question.  It then creates a 3D image that is passed along to the milling machine where the porcelain implant is cut – usually in about 15 minutes.  In many cases, the best dentist in San Antonio can have the entire crown creation process done in as little as an hour.  There’s no arguing with results like that.

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