Sporty Ideas For Golf Wedding Favors

An idea for wedding themes is to reflect something you are passionate about. Sports are a theme that can be used in weddings. A sport tells a lot about a person. What is their temperament, what is their work ethic, what they consider important in life, and their personal values. Some of the greatest athletes have said that sports have helped to make them the people they are today. A great sports theme especially for wedding favors is golf. Golf is a sport played by both men and women and it a sport with a lot of accessories that can make great gifts. Here are some great suggestions for golf themed favors.

First try using famous quotes from great golf players. This is great because this gives you the opportunity to customize a wide variety of gifts that are popular wedding gifts. At the same time you get to convey what you find important through golf. It helps to tie the sports theme into what your nuptials are all about. Also this is something great for male guests who like to use quote in conversation. Put it on a coffee mug so that it can be a great conversation starter. You can also add your own personal touches such as photo of you and the groom. In the end the important thing is that you get to use the revered words of great athletes to convey your ideas and values to your guests in a meaningful way.

Second give golf accessories as wedding favors. There are an endless amount of accessories sold for the sport that can be useful to your guests or just fun to have around. The same thing goes as for when you are customizing normal favors. Look at the different types and what can be personalized practically. Don’t try for something that will stretch your budget more than it needs to. These gifts can be a great hit among your guests and will be seen on the course the next time they go out to play.

An original idea is to use the sports theme on regular wedding favors. This is often easy to do. There are several items that would look great customized for golf motifs. You can use stationary, pens, bottle openers, photo albums, picture frames, and even water bottles. The reason to do this is to give your guests choices to select from.

Try giving out favors as prizes for games. This is a great way to entertain your guests while at the same time allowing them to choose presents that they like. Put a putting green course in the reception area and choose the gifts to be chosen and let the fun begin! Another thing is that you can more effectively give out gifts and get the most bang for your buck. All this is to show your guests thanks for coming and for all their support.

Finally if you live in golf country add a local flavor to your presents by promoting local courses. You can also show support for your favorite golfers or budding athletes needing fan support. This way you can help others through the gifts you give out.

In the end let your passion for the sport show in your gifts. It will provide a lot of fun gifts that your guests will enjoy.

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