Tattoo Machine

It was Thomas Edison who first made the very first tattoo machine which was called the stencil pen in the year 1800. After a few years, the stencil pen was reinvented and was modified by a now known tattoo artist in the state of New York and is known as the inventor of the modern tattoo machine by the name of Samuel O’Rilley. But even though O’Rilley was the one who modified and made this machine possible to use, his apprentice Charlie Wagner owns the entire patent of the machine.


There are different types of tattoo machine nowadays and we will learn them one by one.


1. Liner tattoo machine – This one is used to do the base of the artwork. This will start the outline of the entire tattoo and is also good to use to do intricate line details. If you will look at the tip of this tattoo machine, you will notice that it is composed of multiple needles arranged in a circular position.


2. Shader tattoo machine – Unlike the liner tattoo machine where the needles are arranged in circle, the shader on the other hand is comprised of several needles that are arranged in flat rows. This one is used to put color and to add shadings to the artwork to make it more interesting.


3. Rotary tattoo machine – This tattoo machine is like a combination of the liner and the shader because it can do outlines, details and shadings.


4. Neuma tattoo machine – This is the most modern of all tattoo machines. Instead of wheel or coil to move the needles, it uses compressed air. This one can also automatically sterilize its needles which are not possible to happen with the first three types of tattoo machine.


Using the tattoo machine will allow the artist to work faster for it can work a thousand pulse per minute and maintain a one millimeter depth which will allow the ink to stay in your skin for years with minimal fading.So these are the different devices that you can use to start your hobby or business if you want to venture into the tattoo business in the future. This is one of the very promising business nowadays since most people whether male or female are interested in having themselves inked.