WOW Death Knight As The New Gold Machine – Do You Use It?

With the new WOTLK expansion of World of Warcraft Blizzard has introduced a new character class, the Death Knight. This was in November of 2008 and it was the first new character class to be added to the game since the game launched in 2004.

Everyone was incredibly excited to try the Death Knight character, and with the casting and melee it provides the character become very popular, very fast.

The Death Knight was the ultimate character, overpowered any other class in the game. With a companion at your side (Ghoul or Gargoyle), healing ability and the option for high armor, anyone can get five or even six mobs at a time. The DK is the proffered solo mode character for most of the players in WOW.

Even after a few nerfs that Blizzard did on the DK, balancing it out, it is still an overpowered in many ways on the other class of the World Of Warcraft. This is why you can see so many of them, everywhere. But one thing was almost never discussed in the past about the benefits of the DK as a gold making machine.

Why is the Death Knight a gold making machine?

First as I said, you can solo many mobs at the same time, this make it easier to farm for gold as a DK. Farming was and will be the basic muted of gold making for all WOW players, you don’t need nothing but time to farm for gold, killing mobs in a high numbers, and fast, is what the Knight do best.

Second you get a good melee and armor, so you can farm for a long time, and with the ability of self healing you are looking at no rest time at all. This is a good thing for all, but the best thing for a gold farmer. No rest time means more gold per hour of farming.

And the best thing is you start high level from day one, so you don’t need to waste time for leveling the new Knight. This is a very good news if you want to get your gold high fast in a new server – and that is why the Knight is a gold making machine.

Never before did you get the possibility to start a new server with high level gold making ability. This was why most players were only playing in one server. Now you can start a new server, build your gold fast with the Death Knight, and make it append for you all over again.

If you will like to learn more on this subject you can visit this WOW website, also you can get this free WOW courseĀ on how to make gold on WOW.

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